He is documented as having three wives: He married first Mehitable Wyllys, daughter of the Rev. Samuel Wyllys and widow of both Rev. Daniel Russel and Rev. Isaac Foster. Together she and Timothy had four children. He married second around 1703, Mrs. Howell, first name unknown; Mrs. Howell is believed to have been widow of Jonathan Howell, Jr. of Southampton, Long Island, who died 1692. She had been previously married to Rev. Joseph Taylor of Southampton. He died 4 April 1682. They had two children. He married third Abigail Wilson, who was widow of both Richard Lord and John Warren of Boston. They had one child. He came with his parents on theri return to New England in 1663. He graduated from Harvard College in 1675 and was ordained to the ministry on 18 November 1685. In 1669 he was one of ten principal ministers of the Colony named as Trustees and authorized by the General Assembly of Connecticut Colony to found Yale College. He was a Fellow of Yale, 1700-1732. In 1732 he was offered but declined the Rectorship of the College. Many of Timothy's personal papers are housed in the Yale University archives today, and the present Woodbridge Hall is named in his honor.